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In the past two decades, China has received the lion's share of direct foreign investment and has evolved from an insulated society into the world's second largest economy. In recent years international observers have noted that China has become increasingly assertive in world economic affairs, which is supported by the Chinese government's declared strategy of developing Shanghai into one of the world's leading financial and commercial centers. With the slogan "Better City Better Life" the World Expo 2010 was a pivotal event aimed at demonstrating to the world that Shanghai is an attractive, modern and comfortable city and ready to compete for international talent with other global cities such as New York and London. This study attempts to explore the attainability of a strong international city brand for Shanghai through a netnographic investigation of expatriates' and other foreigners' attitudes regarding this city. Dr. R. Kozinets, Founder of Netnography, states: "Henrik Larsen's book provides a fascinating example and application of the emergent field of digital netnography--quantitative technique married to a cultural sensibility. I highly recommend it."

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