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Have you crossed over from tragedy to restoration? Are you believing and hoping for restoration in your life, your soul, or your marriage? Do you wonder what life will hold now that everything has changed? How can we say we are restored when nothing in life looks the same as it once was? I will take you on a journey in which I travelled, where God showed me that we can be whole while broken. We live in a broken world and broken society, and many of us are in broken homes, marriages, and even bodies. But this doesn’t mean we cannot live a life of faith and restoration as God has purposed for each of us.I personally lived each chapter as it unfolds as it was in Railroad Crossings to Restoration – A Child’s Cry for Help, and I talk about how God chose to reveal it to me. Not realizing just how deep and how vast the truths would become a reality, I accepted the call to step out into oceans unknown—God’s plot, God’s plan, and God’s incredible story unfolding right before me like the waves of the sea. Wave by wave, deeper and deeper, until all I have is entrusted to Him, and I truly believe. Take this journey with me, and allow the peace of God rest in your soul.

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