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This vintage text contains a practical guide to the maintenance and overhaul of Villiers engines. The book is divided into two sections; two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Complete with detailed illustrations and concise instructions and hints, this text will be of much value to anyone with an interest in early engines and will be of considerable interest to collectors of early engineering texts. The chapters of this book include: Two-stroke Operation, Mark 2 and 3 ''Midget'' Engines, Mark 25c Engine, Mark 26c Engine, Mark 25a and 25b Engines, Tracing Troubles in Two-Stroke Engines, Mark 10 Engine, Engines Operating on Tractor Vaporising Oil, Tracing Troubles in Four-Stroke Engines, etcetera. Many antique texts such as this are increasingly costly and hard to find, and it is with this in mind that we are proudly republishing this book in a modern and affordable edition, complete with a new introduction.

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